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Point of View Unveils The GeForce 9500 GT

POINT OF VIEW, well known for its range of NVIDIA based Graphics cards, is launching today the GeForce 9500 GT.Your PC is now more visual than ever. Supercharge this visual experience with the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT GPU – there is no better investment to provide more vibrant photos, smoother videos, and more realistic gaming.

Improved 3D user experience with Windows Vista, including Windows MediaCenter. By offloading tasks from the CPU, GeForce 9500 GT allows you to increase your productivity by sharing, editing, and managing photos and videos with ease.

Featuring the revolutionary PureVideo HD technology engine, this GPU delivers astounding Blu-ray movie picture quality with reduced CPU utilization and low power consumption.
Spectacular picture clarity and vibrant color with PureVideo HD advanced video processing technology.
With GeForce 9500 GT, playing the latest immersive PC games won’t cost you a bundle.
Up to a 3X performance increase over the comparable 8 Series GPU –GeForce 8500 GT.

Future-proof your PC with performance-enhancing technology
Double the power of a single graphics card with NVIDIA SLI technology.

The SLI- ready GeForce 9500 GT graphics card can be paired with an identical 9500 GT-based card for up to 2X the performance of a single card set-up. Compatible with PCI Express and the new PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture, GeForce 9500 GT offers a future-proofing bridge to tomorrow’s most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications.

The POINT OF VIEW will deliver the 9500GT in different models:
R-VGA150909 GEFORCE 9500GT with 1024MB DDR2 memory, 1X DVI and 1X HDMI
R-VGA150908 GEFORCE 9500GT with 512MB DDR2 memory, 1X DVI and 1X HDMI
R-VGA150904 GEFORCE 9500GT with 512MB DDR3 memory,1X DVI and 1X HDMI
R-VGA150903-EXO GEFORCE 9500GT with 256MB DDR3 memory, 1X DVI and 1X HDMI
These cards are available from today. Visit the “Where to Buy” section of our website for a sales point in your country.

About Point of View Graphics

Point of View, well known for its range of NVIDIA based Graphics cards, is established in the year 2000. Since its inception, the sales of Point of View graphics cards have grown exponentially and our brand can now be seen in more than 70 countries world-wide. The headquarters of Point of View is based in the Netherlands where we operate the market with a European, multi-lingual sales team. However, our offices include: Point of View Belgium, Point of View France, Point of View Spain, Point of View Italy, Point of View Taiwan, Point of View China and Point of View USA.

As a high-end brand, Point of View holds a European vision on its product quality control and customer service and support. With excellent warranty conditions, efficient RMA handling and great technical support, Point of View prides itself on a very high level of service. Our focus is on supporting our distributors and partners to supply top quality products and present an exciting and marketable brand to retailers.

For more information about Point of View Graphics, visit the company’s website: http://www.pointofview-online.com.

Source : Point Of View


One Response

  1. A good card for basic games.


    If you ara an overclocker: DON’T BUY THIS CARD!!

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