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R700 a.k.a. Radeon 4870X2 Initial Listings Reveal Low Price

The Radeon HD 4870 X2 (R700), the flagship graphics card by AMD is observed to have a lower than expected price-point that seems to justify its performance lead (through pre-release performance evaluations). Going by several reports in the past few months, the R700 was expected to have a US $549.99 launch price, at a time when the competitor NVIDIA was pricing their flagship product in that range. In the period between then and now, the price of the GeForce GTX 280 plummeted from $649.99 to $449.99 while still regarding $499.99 as the company standard price, with some stores and partners in the US selling for as low as $429.99, a huge lop of its original price.

NordicHardware studied several European stores that began listing the R700 for as low as 395 €, with the North American markets keeping their shelf prices set at around the $500 mark. With these price points set as standards, there’s bound to be flexibility in pricing, coupled with the launch driver which AMD claims to have fixed several issues in both feature and performance aspects, the product is expected to deliver a level of performance that justifies its price while still remaining ‘competitive’ per say, and not commanding a high price merely because it holds the performance crown, again going by pre-release performance evaluations.

Source : TechpowerupNordichardware


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  1. Gainward has released a overclocked edtion, titled ” RAMPAGE 700″

    Product Name: Gainward Rampage700 2048MB GS GLH
    Barcode: 471846200-9856
    GPU: Dual ATI RV770
    GPU Clockspeed: 790MHz
    Memory: 2048MB DDR5
    Memory Clockspeed: 950(DDR3800)MHz
    Pixels per clock (peak) : na
    Bandwidth: 230.4GB/sec
    Ramdac: 400MHz X2
    Bus: PCI-Express
    Cooling: 3-Slot Fan
    Video-Features: HDMI-Output
    Connectivity: DVI-I + VGA+ Display Port

    check it out here: Learn more.

    Learn more.

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