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First Test On Radeon HD 4670

Pictures of a fresh-bake Radeon HD 4670 have surfaced. There are several iterations of this card (as in display output configurations), the one in the picture has a dual-link DVI port along with two DisplayPort connectors. Sources tell GPU Café that the card manages a 3DMark Vantage Performance score of P32xx (anywhere between P3200 and P3299).

Here are its GPU specifications:

Shader Processors: 320
Texture Units: 16
Manufacturing Process: 55nm
Core clock: 701MHz
Memory clock: 900MHz
Memory Bandwidth: 28.8Gbps
Processing Power: 450GFlops
Memory Configurations: 512MB, 1GB
Die Size: 150mm2
TDP: 70W
Outputs: DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI supported
UVD2 video decoder

AMD is loving every bit of the attention media seems to be giving the 4800 series and their plan is to keep on hogging it. In the next couple of weeks, the 4870 1GB will be available soon followed by the 4850X2. The 4600/4400 launch in September finally rounding up a very impressive set of 4000 series top-to-bottom lineup. One thing is certain, Nvidia isnt sitting quietly either.

Source : TechpowerUp GPUCafeChiphell


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