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Q & A About Intel’s Socket 1366 Nehalem CPU HSF

The first Intel socket LGA1366 heatsinks have landed in the Frostytech labs from a well known heatsink company whose name we can’t mention… When Intel’s upcoming Nehalem processors roll out the door later this year, a new generation of socket 1366 motherboards will require compatible heatsinks. At that time Frostytech expects to have a full collection of reviews of high performance LGA1366 compatible heatsinks for you to rely on. What’s the best socket 1366 heatsink? Keep a close eye on Frostytech for the answer…

Top Socket 1366 Nehalem CPU Heatsink Questions

1). Will current Intel socket 775 heatsinks fit on Intel socket 1366 motherboards?
Answer: No.

The reason is ‘Nehalem’ processors have somewhat different power specs, but more importantly the mounting pins which affix the heatsink to the motherboard are spaced further apart. For socket 1366 motherboards the holes are spaced 80mm apart, for socket 775 motherboard that distance was 72mm.

2). If I use a socket 775-to-1366 adaptor bracket to make my existing Intel heatsink fit onto a Socket 1366 motherboard, is that okay?
Answer: Maybe yes, probably not.

The integrated heatspreader on the socket 1366 Intel Nehalem processor is larger than the IHS on socket 775 CPUs (32x35mm vs. 28.5×28.5mm). That fact, coupled with the difference in heat output between each CPU generation means not every LGA775 heatsink is appropriate for use on a socket 1366 processor. However, some performance cooling manufacturers will have adaptor brackets for existing heatsinks so they can be used with socket 1366 motherboards.

3). Do Nehalem socket 1366 heatsinks use the plastic push pin clips, or something new?
Answer: Yes to both.

The socket 1366 heatsinks we’ve seen first hand use spring-tensioned machine screws to attach the heatsink to a metal backing plate. However, Intel’s socket 1366 reference heatsinks (and retail heatsinks) use standard through-PCB plastic push-pin mounting brackets.

4). Is there an equivalent AMD-type heatsink retention cage for socket 1366 heatsinks?
Answer: No.

Socket 1366 heatsinks mount to the motherboard directly, either with the aid of a metal rear support plate or push pin clips that grab onto the motherboard.

Source : Frostytech


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