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First X58 Motherboards From Asus & Gigabyte

Lately, news about X58 motherboards have been a very hot topic. In Order to fulfill your thirsty desire, we give you some info and pictures compiled from TweakTown – TechpowerUp – PCGH. Enjoy it.

ASUS P6T Deluxe (Image Courtesy Of PCGH)

For addition. TechpowerUp wrote :

“After Intel’s Nehalem platform is no secret anymore, it’s time to start looking at the motherboards that will support the new Socket 1366 buddies. One of them is ASUSTeK’s upcoming P6T Deluxe mainboard based on Intel’s yet-to-be-released X58 Express, the first chipset to power the Socket 1366 Core i7 Nehalem processors. As part of the whole platform, the P6T Deluxe has a total of six DDR3 slots intended for triple-channel mode and three PCI-Express x16 slots with support for dual and triple video card configurations. It’s too early to say which one, ATI’s CrossFire, NVIDIA’s SLI or both combos. Expect further information when the time comes”

Gigabyte GA-X58-DS4 – GA-X58 Extreme (Image Courtesy Of TweakTown)

TechpowerUp also wrote additional note about this board :

“Motherboard vendors are preparing rigorously for catering to the market that the upcoming Intel Core i7 series processors generate. The processors are based on a new 1366-pin land grid array (LGA-1366) socket and would require you to purchase a compatible motherboard. ASUS had recently revealed that it would be in a position to make its LGA-1366 offerings available by launch-day of the Core i7. Gigabyte is getting ready with its high-end offering, the GA-X58-EXTREME, TweakTown caught more than just a glimpse of it.

The board’s a looker. Gigabyte maintained its signature colour scheme. Over to the north, you can see the new LGA-1366 socket. Gigabyte sought to provide active cooling to the northbridge with a water-block. It uses four PCI-Express slots arranged in a manner similar to that on the MA-790FX-DQ6. The board supports Tri-Channel DDR3 memory. Gigabyte could carve-out a value model, the GA-X58-DS4 out of this board design, presumably by blanking or reducing the orange PCI-Express x16 (electrical x 8) slots, and the chipset and VRM cooling. The board in the picture is a non-functional sample.’

Source : TechpowerUpTweakTownPCGH


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