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Intel Nehalem Benchmarked

Hexus.net got their chance to benchmark Intel’s hottest stuff. Here’s their conclusion:

“What do we make of our first hands-on look with Nehalem – Intel’s next-generation processor architecture?

Nehalem’s performance is born from taking the Core 2 architecture as a base and adding sensible, performance-enhancing additions such as an integrated memory controller, QuickPath interconnect, tiered cache, and tri-channel memory. Last but not least, SMT (simultaneous multithreading) provides a healthy boost, too.

Looking back through the numbers, the 2.93GHz Nehalem naturally comes into its own when the cores, be they physical or virtual, are pushed by the software. When this happens, it’s up to 33 per cent faster than a 3.2GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770, and some 50 per cent quicker than an equivalently-clocked (Kentsfield-based) Core 2 Quad CPU.

Talking about the consumer space, Intel has enjoyed a performance lead over AMD for some time, and it’s only going to continue, unabated, with the release of the Nehalem core. AMD’s response will come in the form of a Phenom-upgraded processor, Shanghai, but it will need to be something special, really, really special, for it to effectively counter the Nehalem threat.

Knowing the likely pricing of initial Nehalem CPUs, the ramifications of the new architecture are more than just related to performance, however. AMD, it seems, will not be able to compete against the Nehalem’s performance, even with Shanghai, and, so, the pricing of subsequent Phenoms will be indirectly set by Intel. We can’t see a Phenom being sold for, say, $500 anytime soon; AMD doesn’t have the necessary power to do so, unless it can pull a rabbit out of the silicon bag.

Bottom line: Nehalem’s very real performance numbers put incumbent Core 2 Extreme in the shade and pose AMD some really tough headaches.”

Read here for the full article : Hexus.net


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