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First AMD Fusion Specifications

Here’s some information about AMD Fusion, picked from TechpowerUp (based on info from IT.com.cn)

“AMD Fusion could well be the first CPU to feature a graphics processor core. It will incorporate a graphics processor with specifications identical to the RV710. This CPU would be based on the 45 nm silicon fabrication process, and this processor will be manufactured at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). This GPU will be called “Kong”. Here are its specifications:

* Core Frequency between 600 ~ 800 MHz
* 128-bit wide memory bus (DDR3, Side-port supportive)
* 40 Stream Processors
* 8 TMUs, 4 ROPs
* DirectX 10.1 support

The GPU will not connect to the rest of the processor using HyperTransport , instead, a new interface referred to as “Onion” will replace it, keeping with the “green” scheme, the GPU will utilize a “Garlic” memory interface to enhance read/write performance and reduce latencies. Performance-wise, it’s expected to perform 50% better than the RS780 chip. The addition of this GPU will step-up power consumption by 5~8 W (load) and 0.4~0.6 W (idle). This is the first implementation of such as design methodology, AMD wants to step into the pool only after dipping its toes.”

Source: IT.com.cnTechpowerUp


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