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First PSU From Arctic Cooling – Fusion 550R

The Swiss cooling solutions provider ARCTIC COOLING, which is famous for its low noise cooling-solutions for CPUs and GPUs is presenting its first power supply unit – the Fusion 550R. In a close cooperation with Seasonic, ARCTIC COOLING has developed a PSU that not only fulfils highest demands but is at the same time virtually silent and highly efficient.

The new 550 Watt PSU follows the default ATX-Form-Factor and thus will fit into every ATX PC-Case. It fulfils the ATX 2.2 specifications and can offer a continuous power of 500 Watt – enough for every Highend System. Equipped with two 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe connectors the PSU is ideal for powering a Crossfire- or SLi-setup.

High Efficiency = Less Power Loss = Quiet Cooling
With an efficiency of at least 81 to 86%, less heat is generated inside the PSU. As a result of this a single 80-mm-fan is enough to cool the PSU. The rubber-mounted fan is spinning in a range between 700 and 2000 RPM making it virtually silent. Additionally to this the PSU comes along with two external fan-connectors giving the possibility to control the case ventilation based on load and temperature and thus lowers the noise level of the complete system to an absolute minimum.

Effective energy-use preserves nature and saves money
By making appreciated use of natural resources, especially energy you can contribute to lower CO²-Emissions. Additionally you save electricity cost of about 100 €, so the Fusion 550R is a true Payment Saving Unit.

Save and stable PSU
With a PFC-factor of 99 % and two separated 12-volt-rails, which are supporting each other if necessary the Arctic Fusion 550R is a very save PSU, that manages to come along with highest demands. The overload, overvoltage and short-circuit protection safeguards the hardware as well as the user from damage.

The Fusion 550R offers a 3-year limited warranty. It will be available mid September 2008. The MSRP is US$94.95 and 59,95€ (excl VAT).
Source : Arctic Cooling


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