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AMD Quietly Cuts Phenom Price

Got the news from Techamok. Great news of course.

“If you check out AMD’s official price list right now, you’ll see the same numbers that have been there since July 7. However, online retailers recently started discounting chipmaker’s desktop offerings. For instance, the Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition costs just $179.99 at Newegg-a whole $55.01 cheaper than AMD’s official $235 price. The 2.5GHz, quad-core Phenom 9850 Black Edition now costs the same as what the 2.4GHz, triple-core Phenom X3 8750 did a few days ago-and it’s actually a dollar cheaper than the 2.2GHz Phenom X4 9550. Really, with those prices, only five chips remain relevant: the 9950, 9850, 8750, 8650, and 8450. (At least, they’re the only interesting ones if you don’t want to pay more for less.)

It’s definitely nice price cutting (20-25%), maybe they are really have many stocks and clearing and coming ahead for the 45nm parts. But, to boost sells, they really need more SB750 equipped boards. There are only a few really on the shelf so…”

Source : TechamokTechreport

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