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Crysis Warhead Impressions

OK, i haven’t try it myself, but i think IGN has nice reputation, so I try to trust their impressions. Here’s some of their comment about the game :

“I played Warhead on a high-end machine with a quad core CPU and the latest Nvidia graphics card at high resolution (1680×1050) with all the details set to Enthusiast, which is essentially very high. It looked cutting edge and the frame rate was solid. Next, I checked the game on a slightly older PC with a two-year old 8800GTS and I was still able to crank it to Enthusiast settings and the same resolution and get solid results. Finally, I checked it out on the “$700 PC” that Crytek and EA have been touting. It really is a $700 machine built on the latest mainstream parts (the video card is a 9800GT), and I was able to play the final boss battle at the same resolution and at Enthusiast settings and get solid frame rates. I also tried it the Gamer setting, which is essentially high, and the frame rate was buttery smooth. You do lose some visual quality stepping down from Enthusiast, but even at Gamer Warhead still looks better than almost every game out there.

For $30, Crysis Warhead is an incredible value, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better shooter on the PC this year. The single- player campaign is tight and superb, and the multiplayer portion delivers something that you can have fun with. I love the intelligent gameplay of Warhead; this isn’t a game where you simply react to highly scripted events, but one where you have to think on your feet, and you’re rewarded for doing so. Crytek once again proves that its one of the premiere shooter developers in the industry, even if it does get an unfair rep as being “just” a technology company. Comments like that make it seem as if the Crytek had a chip on its shoulder, because it addressed almost every complaint about Crysis and then some. I found Warhead to be challenging, exciting, wild, and, yes, very much full of swagger and fury.”

Read the complete review here : Crysis Warhead @ IGN


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