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NVIDIA Cuts the 9600GT, 9600GSO & 9500GT Price

In order to rise the value of its cards, Nvidia is reducing their recommended retail prices for these cards :

  • Nvidia 9600 GT 512Mb DDR 3 : $ 99
  • Nvidia 9600 GSO 384Mb DDR 3 : $ 79
  • Nvidia 9500 GT 512Mb DDR 3 : $ 69

The 9600GT could be a very interesting alternative for those who’s looking video card under $100 . These price cut also bring a new map for the competition. 9600GSO will be face to face with 4670 and 9500GT will battle against 4650.

Source : Madshrimps


4 Responses

  1. Dear sir,
    As you being under the worls Press, i would like to know whether the reduction of the prices has taken in india too. And whether i can buy the nvidia – 9600gso graphics card under Rs. 4000

    • Dear Kenzo,
      As far as I know, the price cut should happen globally, if it didn’t, then usually the local distributor has their own reason. As in Indonesia the price cut delay often happens because the local distributor still have a lot of old stock.
      Unfortunately, about the nVidia 9600GSO, I don’t have any valid info about its price in India.

  2. The graphics card 9600gso is even better than 9600gt in some games. In a overall condition 9600gt very slightly overperforms 9600gso. So, after this reduction of price, it is quite amazing that 9600gso has a price tag 20$ less than 9600gt.

  3. Hey XG, thanks a tonne

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