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New CPU Coolers From OCZ : Gladiator & Gladiator Max

Great news for “the processors”. They are going to get extra service from OCZ’s new line of CPU coolers. The California-based company just announced that they releasing two new HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) CPU cooler, called Gladiator & Gladiator Max.

You can see in the pictures, they’re all the same, the only difference is their size. The gladiator uses 92 mm @ 1200 – 2800 rpm fan and the Gladiator Max uses 120 mm @ 800 – 1500 rpm fan. Both of them are compatible with AMD AM2, 939, 754, 755 and Intel 775 sockets.

Personally, I like the HDT CPU cooler. I’ve tried it myself (The OCZ Vendetta Series) and they perform very well.

For the complete specification read here : OCZ GladiatorOCZ Gladiator Max


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