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Claimed Faster Than GTX 280, HD 4850 X2 Priced @ $ 399

If this slides told the truth, than we have a very nice alternative to go.

This isn’t the fastest card today, but the price really gives us a very great value and its sure – once again – gives NVIDIA a hard time. It will be very interesting to see what is NVIDIA going to do. Will they launch new derivative product or may be another price cut or may be…….both of them — yaay.

With this new card added, the chart of video graphics comparison will be more like this :

Niiice. Looking forward to the reviews.

Source : TechpowerUp


2 Responses

  1. This seems to be Photoshopped. You can notice that the x2 is in disdinctly different colors and font, and from what it says at the bottom that the benchmarks are based off of 2 4850’s.

  2. […] heard that it’s in the works. Now if that’s not enough, Google found me this: Claimed Faster Than GTX 280, HD 4850 X2 Priced @ $ 399 Xtremegears __________________ Core2Quad Q6600@2.4ghz 4096mb DDR2 Kingston Dual Channel PC6400 BFG 8800GT OC […]

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