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NFS Undercover High Definition Texture Pack

ea-logoDude from nfs planet forum has done a very nice effort for making graphic modification on NFS Undercover. Hope this mod could be useful for you who want to improve the graphic quality of this game.

The texture mod enhances the HDR lighting, reducing the bloom effects, and make them look sharper. Here’s the quote from the site :

This patch modifies the textures in a way how they actually should have been, sharp and crispy. Primary I changed nearly all ground textures, borders, vegetation and even some traffic signs, buildings & props. The texture sizes are untouched to ensure best performance. Some guys complained about the excessive High-Dynamic-Range effects in the game, I think they look quite neat with some colorcorrection, so I included the EnbSeries hack from Boris Vorontsov with an adapted config. !!! Caution !!! PUNKBUSTER can kick/ban you for using the d3d9.dll during online matches !

Here’s some pics for comparison.





Big credit for the modder : An7hraX (you rock, Dude)

Download, pictures & source : NFS Planet Forum

Read the instruction first before patching.


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