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RivaTuner Version 2.21 Is Out, Provides HotFix For GTA 4 Missing Textures

rivatuner-icon Great news for you who play GTA4. RivaTuner 2.21 is released and it gives some fix for some graphic bugs. I read the news from Guru3D and TechPowerUp.

RivaTuner, a very powerful and easy to use video card tweaking utility, was updated today to version 2.21. This release has a small number of updates yet mainly is a hotfix for Grand Theft Auto 4 missing texture issue for some GeForce owners in combo with this tool. NVIDIA GeForce drivers 180.60, 180.70 and 180.84 as well as AMD/ATI Catalyst 8.12 are also supported now. For detailed information, please check out the changelist below.

Version 2.21:

Minor bugfixes:

  • FOURCC INTZ and RAWZ formats are no longer forcibly disabled on GeForce 6 and newer display adapters when closing the ‘Textures’ tab in Direct3D tweaks dialog. Please take a note that these formats are required for proper GTA IV functionality, so if you experience problems with missing textures in this game on NVIDIA GeForce 6 and newer display adapters then please try to open the ‘Textures’ tab and press the ‘Defaults’ button.
  • Fixed ‘Restore after suspended mode’ option in low-level fan control tab, corrupted in the previous release due to multi-GPU related core changes.

What’s new:

  • Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 180.60, 180.70 and 180.84.
  • Added Catalyst 8.12 driver family detection.
  • Added ‘Enable FOURCC INTZ surfaces’ and ‘Enable FOURCC RAWZ surfaces’ options to the ‘Textures’ tab of the Direct3D tweaks dialog.
  • ‘Restore after suspended mode’ option in low-level fan control tab is multi-GPU oriented now. Now the option affects all display adapters in the system instead of currently selected display adapter only.
  • ‘Allow separate 2D/3D clock frequency adjustment’ option is no longer provided when enabling driver-level hardware overclocking. The option is now hidden to reduce the amount of false bugreports posted by the beginners trying to disable 2D/3D clock frequncy then claiming that the hardware stays at extremely low boot clocks. Power users can still control this option via AllowMaxPerf registry entry.
  • Extended list of detectable supported FOURCC formats in ‘IDirect3D9 HAL adapter formats’ diagnostic report category.’

Download Here : RivaTuner 2.21

Source : Guru3DTechPowerUp


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