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New Xigmatek CPU Cooler : Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer

xigmatek-logo-xg Well guys, you should check this out. Coming from the CPU cooler maker known for their innovative HDT design (Heat-pipe Direct Touch), the Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer seems to offer something cool.

What’s so special about this CPU cooler? well, just read the article and enjoy the pics.

PCGH wrote :

Four heat pipes with a diameter of 8 millimeters are placed on the nickel-plated plate of the Thor’s Hammer and directly absorb the heat of the CPU. Thus Xigmatek once again utilizes the HDT technology (Heat pipe Direct Touch). Three additional heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters lie directly above the heat pipes that touch the CPU. Xigmatek speaks of a “Double Layer” arrangement.

A special feature of the cooler is the special pattern the fins are positioned in. The aluminum plates are offset in order to reach a bigger surface without increasing the overall dimensions of the cooler. Due to the tower design a 120 millimeter fan can be attached with anti vibration plugs.

The Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer fits onto the sockets 754, 939, AM2(+), 775 and 1366. Mounting it on AMD systems is achieved with the commonly known clamp system. A hexagon socket screw key, which is required to fix the cooler on the backplate necessary for Intel systems, is included.
Thor’s Hammer weights 500 grams and Xigmatek announced the following dimensions: 120 x 159 x 90 millimeters (width x height x depth)


xig-th-b xig-th-a xig-th-g

xig-th-f xig-th-c

xig-th-d xig-th-e

Total 7 heat pipes plus double layer fins. Weight only 500 grams, and the dimension is not “monstrous” like many new CPU coolers that recently showed up lately. I’ll tell you what, this cooler looks promising.

Btw, the double layer fins reminds me of this cooler design, and as far as i know it performs good.

Let’s wait for the reviews.

Source : PCGH


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