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More Details About Cooler Master V10

cooler-master-logo-black-22 As I posted in this article, Cooler Master is ready to release their new CPU cooler. It’s a V series, and it’s called CM V10. More details about this huge CPU cooler  begin to shows up, and here, some exclusive information, straight  from TweakTown.

I really thought that V10 is normal air cooler, and you know what, it isn’t, in fact V10 is a peltier assisted air cooler. Yep, this CPU cooler got a quite complicated work scheme, Dude.

CM V10 is equipped with two 120 mm fans. One to cool the CPU and the other, it’s obvious, to help cooling the memory.  Also got six heatpipes leading to the cooling fins with the four inner-most being assisted by a TEC. Cooler Master used a 40mm square TEC that is insulated to keep condensation out of the peltier.

Here’s some pictures, courtesy of  Tweaktown :








You can wait to see the performance of the V10 in early February.

Source : TweakTown


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