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Zalman VF2000 LED For Your VGA and CPU

zalman-logo-3 Yep, you read it right, this nice looking cooler is able to dissipate heat from your VGA and CPU. First showed at CES 2009, now the official pics popped up on Matbe.

I think Zalman has not released it yet, might be in in the short future. I’ll let You know when this cooler hit the market.

Here’s some information about this multifunction cooler.

The Specs :

  • Compatibility – Nvidia G9x, ATI R7V700, Intel LGA 775, and AMD Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3
  • Fan diameter : 92mm PWM Controlled
  • Fan Speed :1400-2350 rpm
  • Weighs : 290gr
  • Dimension : 126x110x45mm

The Features :

  • The short-slim profile of this cooler make this stuff very suitable for HTPC or a Media Center
  • Equipped with fan speed controller
  • The cooler’s design helps to cool the surrounding area (memchip, mosfet, and chipset)
  • The blue led makes your PC looks more “bling-bling”  😀

The Pics :

zalman-vf2000-11 zalman-vf2000-2 zalman-vf2000-3

zalman-vf2000-4 zalman-vf2000-5 zalman-vf2000-62

zalman-vf2000-7 zalman-vf2000-9 zalman-vf2000-8

The only thing that we have to notice is this cooler is recommended only for CPU with rated TDP below 110w, so, I guess no overclocking attempt guys.

Source : MatbeTechPowerUp


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