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GTX 285 & GTX 295’s Waterblocks

Nearly in the same time, five products of VGA water cooling is released, here’s some information about the cooling device, it’s for Nvidia’s high-end card – GTX 285 & GTX 295.



Koolance GTX 295 Cooler

koolance-gtx295-a koolance-gtx295-b koolance-gtx295-c


The new Koolance VID-NX295 is a combined GPU and memory cooler for high-end water cooling of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 cards in single or multi video configurations. It combines double-sided, solid copper cold plates, nickel plating, and a thick acrylic jacket. This product is “sandwiched” between the GTX 295’s dual video circuit boards. The VID-NX295 targets all primary heat-producing regions of the GTX 295, including the voltage regulators. Blue LED’s are included, which can optionally be installed and powered by the video card’s original fan plug.

The Spec

– Model : VID-NX295
– Materials : High Density Copper, Nickel Plating,
– Product Dimensions : WxHxD (20cm x 12cm x 3cm)
– Product Weight : 1kg

MSRP : US $159.99

Read more here : Koolance GTX295 Cooler

Koolance GTX285 Cooler

koolance-gtx285-a koolance-gtx285-b koolance-gtx285-c


The new Koolance VID-NX285 is a combined GPU and memory cooler for high-end video cooling of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 cards in single or multi video configurations. It combines a full nickel-plated solid copper cooler which targets all primary heat-producing regions of the GTX 285 (including the voltage regulators). An acrylic lid allows coolant visibility under the logo.

The Spec

– Model : VID-NX285
– Materials : High Density Copper, Nickel Plating
– Product Dimensions : WxHxD 6.25″ x 5.75″ x 0.62″ (15.9cm x 14.6cm x 1.6cm)
– Product Weight : 680g

MSRP : US $99.99

Read more here : Koolance GTX285 Cooler




ek-gtx-295-cooler-a ek-gtx-295-cooler-b ek-gtx-295-cooler-c


High performance VGA water block for GeForce 295 GTX refference design series graphic cards. Bases are made of electrolytic copper. Middle part made of quality acrylic glass. The sealing is preformed by quality rubber washer. Block is mounted with enclosed M2,5 screws. Block is prepared for two 5mm LED diodes. Prepared for SLI means, that fittings can be used on both side of the block (up and down)!

The Spec

– Dimensions of copper bases: 214 x 115 x 8mm
– Dimensions of acrylic top: 171 x 115 x 8mm
– weight: 1.350 g

MSRP : US $173

Read more here : EK GTX295 Cooler


Danger Den

Danger Den – GTX295

danger-den-gtx295-cooler-a danger-den-gtx295-cooler-b


The DD-GTX295 is designed to provide maximum cooling for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX295 Video Cards

The Spec :

– Compatible with Reference Design GTX295 (BFG, EVGA, XFX, PNY, etc).
– SKU    GPU-6850
– Weight    4.00 lbs

The Features :

– Uses a Delrin/Acetal mid plate to port waterflow.
– Uses the Additional RAM Pad mounting point for maximum mounting contact
– Contact pads with the PCB to avoid warping or bending of the video card.
– Cools all heat generating points on the card – GPU, RAM, Voltage Regulators, I/O Chip

Price:    $189.95

Read more here : DangerDen GTX295 Cooler


EVGA Hydro Copper For GTX285


No Official specification yet, but this waterblock will be included in the next Evga’s GTX285. Additional information – this cooler will also sold separately.

Evga is also working on Hydro Copper for GTX295.

Read more : Fudzilla


2 Responses

  1. I have had a TRI SLI with BFG GTX280 OC, A Quad SLI with two BFG GTX295, and Finally a TRI SLI with the GTX285 OCX cards and I can tell you first hand the GTX285 OCX stomp the marks of the 295’s. In benches, games, and all other apps involving transcoding etc. GTX285 OCX cards run stock at 702mhz on the core clock. A lot more than that of the 295’s and faster memory etc…. If you have the choice choose the GTX285 OCX in TRI SLI. Or if you have the money try them both like I did. You will decide the same as myself though.

    • Wow, You have a very nice rigs Car Crazy, (I really envy you, my wife won’t let me have all that stuffs 😦 )
      Anyway, for anyone who consider to buy the latest Nvidia card, …..there you go guys, a straight clue from the user himself.
      Any other opinion guys ?

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